500-0047-133 Willett Pressure Damper

500-0047-133 Willett Pressure Damper

500-0047-133 Willett Pressure Damper


Filter Name: Willett Pressure Damper

Filter No.: 500-0047-133

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Use For: Willett 430 Printer or Videojet 43S Printer or Domino A Series Printer

Business Cope: Printing and Packaging Industry

Deliver Time: Within 3 Workdays after Receiving Payment

Place of Origin: China

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We are a manufacturer of high-quality, low cost spare parts and filters for the most major brands of industrial inkjet printers, such as Videojet 43S Printer, Domino A Series Printer, Willett 430 Printer, Imaje Printer, Linx Printer and Hitachi Printer, which has a long history and a good reputation. You are welcome to contact us for enquiry and cooperation.

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