Application of Industrial Inkjet Printers in Packing Material

In present market, the favorite brands of Industrial Inkjet Printers are Domino A Series Printer, Videojet 43S Printer, Linx 6900 Printer, Imaje, etc.

In modern time, kinds of packing material fills in every corner of our life, including plastic, paper, aluminum, tinfoil packing products, etc.   

Plastic packing material is no doubt the main packing product, widely used in packing of food, tobacco, beverage, cosmetic products, etc. The main materials of plastic are PVC, PET and PE.

There is already printed information of ingredients, place of origin, and manufacturer on these materials we are buying. But some marks are printed in the process of packing molding, that is printing on packing material by Industrial Inkjet Printer, which makes the package closed to perfect. 

However, all these materials have requirements of clear coding effect, beautiful looking, and difficult dropping of ink on printing. As the first choice, Industrial Inkjet Printer has no direct contact with product surface, so wonderful marking effect is carried out by Industrial Inkjet Printer, no matter for regular or irregular shaped surface.

Even if the printed product has been damaged in some degree by reason like extrusion, this non-direct contact printing technology can directly print on the surface and performs nice after-packing marks.

Huax Tech sincerely supplies from all over the world with high quality spare parts and filters of brands of Industrial Inkjet Printers, like Domino A Series Printer, Videojet Printer, Willett 430 Printer, Linx Printer, Imaje Printer, etc.

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