Four Working Theories for Domino A Series Printer

1. Ink Adding for Domino A Series Printer:

When the Domino ink in the blending jar is under "OK" level, ink adding valve starts working, ink will flow from ink tank to the blending jar through ink cycling system. When the ink reaches "OK" level, ink adding valve will stop working.   

2. Nozzle cleaning for Domino A Series Printer:

When Domino Nozzle cleaning order is giving, Venturi will generate negative pressure on one of the ink line of the nozzle, which will bring about nozzle suck-back, and then by dripping detergent near the Domino Nozzle, cleaning process begins.

The Domino nozzle's automatic self cleaning's setting time is 2 minutes, but the whole process can be stopped by pressing the function key. Cleaning order can be carried out when ink line is running or ceasing. Cleaning the nozzle when the Domino ink line is running will firstly shut downthe ink supplying valve then stop the Domino ink line of nozzle.

3. Solvent Adding for Domino A Series Printer:

Ink viscosity value corresponds with software reference time, the reference values comes from the timing test and are stored in CPU. It has taken ink model and temperature into consideration, if the practical value is higher than reference value, that means high viscosity, and in every two weeks, solvent adding valve will add solvent into the Videojet ink until the viscosity is correct.

4. Viscosity Detection for Domino A Series Printer:

Viscosity detection motion will be executed when the Domino Printer is spraying ink. Open V3 valve, the Domino ink will flow into the viscosity cavity. When it cover the high liquid level, V3 valve will stop ink supplying, then the Domino ink exceeding the high level will overflow from the tapping hole.

Meanwhile, the viscosity cavity will keep on dropping ink to the blending jar until there is no ink. When the ink in the viscosity cavity is under the high liquid level, cpu begins timing and finishes after the ink is under the low liquid level. The time shows the viscosity of the ink.

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