How to Clean Opaque Domino A200 Printer

In present market, the favorite brands of Opaque Industrial Inkjet Printer are Domino A200 Printer, Videojet 46P Printer, etc.

Cleaning Method for Opaque Domino A200 Printer:

Clean the parts by washing bottle with detergent or solvent. Ultrasonic vibration can be used to clean the Domino Nozzle if necessary. The nozzle of Opaque Domino A200 Printer is easy to be blocked: insiders all know that the diameter of the Domino inkjet printer is very small and easy to be blocked.

It is important to clean Domino Opaque Pump too.

Once the sticky white ink subsides or generates film, there could be blockings on the micropore of the Domino Nozzle and no ink line can be sprayed out, thus no printing will be carried out.

1. The vacuum degree for Opaque Domino A200 Printer is higher than others.

2. Please make sure the exhaust pipe is loose and there is air discharging point after installation of the ink bottle.

3. Pressure for Domino ink supply: the pressure of ink supply cartridge should be under 0.4MPa.

4. Change of different kinds of ink: Domino inkjet printer with pigment type keto ink can only use pigment type keto ink, other models of ink is not allowed to replace it.

5. Use of solvent: pigment type keto ink can only be cooperatively used with specified keto solvent.

6. Frequency of ink halt: can only carry out the ink halt procedure for one time within each 24 hour. If the machine is stopped for some reasons within 8 hours (the length of the time is determined by temperature), the ink halt procedure can be temporarily operated.

7. Opaque Domino A200 Printer is mainly used in tube or electric wire industries where there is high-frequency interference from electricity distribution box and network, as well as interference from superpower variable frequency motor, etc.

While all these electronic equipments will seriously disturb the normal working of the Domino inkjet printer, thus the Opaque Domino A200 Printer must be well grounded and should be kept a certain distance.

8. Maintenance: It's better to use the Opaque Domino A200 Printer machine every day. If the machine is supposed to stop working for one or two weeks, please inject 2ml solvent to the recoverer for recycling line cleaning after ink halt. But please do not inject too much solvent or it will dilute the ink inside the machine.

If the Opaque Domino A200 Printer will be shut down for more than two weeks, please firstly clean the ink line system, or start the machine for working once a week and 2 hours each time.

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