How to judge whether Domino HV deflector is broken

Domino HV deflector supports deflection voltage for printing. If the Domino deflector plate is broken, it will at least cause report of HV failure, which will bring about unstable printing performance; or more seriously, it will cause problem of starting up of the machine to make no printing effect.

When there frequently comes the problem of HV failure, and the Domino HV deflector is very clean, then we should consider whether it is problem of Domino HV deflector. If Domino printer is available for starting up, and show it is normal for printing, but actually there comes out no printed character, this could mostly be the problem of Domino HV deflector.

How to change Domino HV deflector?

1. Close Domino power supply;

2. Open the terminal box of the print head, find the wire connections of the HV deflector;

3. Strip off the insulating sheath to the HV deflector which should be removed then;

4. Change the new HV deflector, and use heat shrink tube with layers of two or more to wrap the wire conneciton heads to avoid any electric leakage;

5. Well install the new Domino HV deflector;

6. After serious checking to make sure everything is OK, turn on the power switch to see whether the failure has been solved.

Note: Above changing of the Domino HV deflector has a high requirement on operational capacity on Domino printer, thus we suggest professional engineers to finish these steps.

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