How to Learn about Domino Nozzle

1. Gem Domino Nozzle: This kind of Domino nozzle is a gem sheet with diameter of 2 mm tucked into the stainless steel made excircle. While in the middle of the gem sheet, there is a hole with diameter of 30-80 micron;   

2. Stainless steel Domino Nozzle: It is made of a round stainless steel sheet with diameter of 5 mm and thickness of 1mm. And there is a hole with diameter of 30-80 micron on the sheet, burned by laser.

Comparison between the two kinds of Domino Nozzles:

1. Craftsmanship: During the process of making gem Domino nozzle, the gem sheet is easy to be crushed and more complicated. While for stainless steel Domino nozzle, it is easy to make by using laser to punch hole through the stainless steel;

2. Finish: The finish of gem Domino nozzle is higher without too much burr, while stainless steel Domino nozzle is rougher with more burrs;

3. Printing effect: The print effect performed by gem Domino nozzle is better;

4. Cost comparison: Gem Domino nozzle is more expensive.

Maintenance of Domino printer nozzle:

During the using of Domino printer, if the nozzle is slightly or fully blocked, the machine will stop coding or can't correctly print.

If condition permit, please dismount the nozzle and use ultrasonic wave to clean the blocking. There are also some easier ways, like put the nozzle in a bottle cap filled with some diluents, then withhold the cap and knock it by tweezers or screwdriver, the normal blockings can be cleaned up.

While there are some situations for slight blocking to the Domino nozzle, like the viscosity of the ink is appropriate, but the ink dot is not well broke or not stable, then you can use threadlike strainer to clean it, but the operator has to be an expert serviceman.

Our company produce all kinds of Domino nozzle, including nozzles of 40u, 60u, 75u and all of them are gem nozzles with characteristic of long working life and wonderful printing effect, etc.

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