What is Characteristics of Domino Inks

Domino Printer is widely used as inkjet coding machine in each industry. Here are a few ways you can distinguish features of Domino inks:

1. Domino inks are really fast drying. This is to reduce the time required by prints to get dry. In cases of printing presses if the drying process is fast larger volumes of prints can be printed at a much faster rate. These Domino inks dry in almost no time. This reduces a whole process in printing presses;

2. The color composition is always precise and color contrasts will always be compared to other inks this allows the inks to provide more crisp reproductions. The Domino ink is made from a very unique blend of chemicals and it is very different from other inks in composition. This is the reason behind the clean reproductions;

3. Domino inks are available for all kinds of systems. You can find Domino inks for laser printers, inkjet systems and thermal systems. As we know thermal paper is very tough to write on. But it is cheaper than regular paper because of some manufacturing innovations. Since Domino inks are available for thermal printing, this solution can be used to get high quality prints at a very cheap rate;

4. With a few processing techniques the Domino inks can be modified to create specialized-inks. That is why Domino Printer is a big provider of unique-inks in the industry. For those having specific needs for their prints it is a very cost-effective to treat these inks and buy them at low prices in bulk.

Some examples of specialized applications are freeform writing, coding on eggs and ultra high speed prints. The specialized-inks are a huge innovation and a major reason behind the popularity of the inks;

5. Domino inks used in industrial coding and digital printing. The most recent range of ink automatically cleans print-heads. This comes as a blessing for high maintenance printing machines.

Additionally they are able to withstand a large range of harsh environments and offer really reliable prints and can work with a number of different traversals of print-heads which provides it the ability to be used in a number of coding methods. Additionally it can be used in non-contact printing for softer and more sensitive surfaces.

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