Solutions for Regular Failures of Domino Printer

There are four kinds of regulor failures for Domino Printer: Recycle Failure, High Voltage Failure, Charging Failure, Viscosity Failure, etc.

Why Gutter Tube Failure on Domino A100 Printer

What is Domino A100 gutter tube failure? The ink dots could only be printed to the products after automatically being processed by Domino A100 printer

How to adjust ink line of Domino A200 printer

Whether the position of Domino A200 printer ink line is correct will directly affect the printing effect.

How to judge Domino viscometer is damage

To make sure Domino Printer in normal working condition, suitable Domino Viscosity is required to guarantee stable generation of ink drop.

How to Expertly Operate Domino A Series in Short Time

In a general sense, when Domino a series printer is working, it is all automatically controlled by itself without much manual work.

Nozzle Plated Used in Domino A Series Printer

Why all models of Domino A Series Printer use nozzle plate with thickness of 2.5mm? Nozzle blocking is a question concerned by all users.

How to judge whether Domino HV deflector is broken

Domino HV deflector supports deflection voltage for printing. If the Domino deflector plate is broken, it will at least cause report of HV failure

How to judge Domino printhead solenoid valve is damage

Domino printhead solenoid valve is specially owned by Domino printer. It is open when the CIJ printer is working, and closed when the CIJ printer is shut down

How to judge Domino high voltage power supply is damaged

Domino high voltage power supply supports charging voltage and HV deflector plate voltage for Domino printer.

Solutions to Unclear Printing Effect of Domino Printer

There are users frequently consulting us on why the printed character color is so light coming out from Domino Printer, and sometimes it is even hard to read it clearly.