How to add ink to Videojet 43S Printer

Videojet Printer is widely used as industrial inkjet coding machine in each industry. Here are a few ways you can add ink or diluents to Videojet 43S Printer.

When dealing with ink or diluents to Videojet 43S Printer, please wear rubber gloves and goggles. Do not contact with the ink or diluents in closed room, make sure of a ventilated environment. When changing the ink or diluents, please make sure that the ink (or diluents) for cleaning is well matched with the ink (or diluents) inside the Videojet 43S Printer, or it will cause printing failures.

When adding ink or diluents to Videojet 43S Printer, please choose the ink (or diluents) supplied by the original manufacturers. Twist the ink (or diluents) bottle to the filler, and then take down the empty bottle after the liquid flowed out. The filler cap for diluents is white, while for ink is black.

When adding the diluents, twist the diluents bottle to the corresponding filler, press down the bottom of the bottle to break the seal, and then rotate it in any direction for semicircle to thoroughly remove the seal, so that the diluents can be smoothly added into the diluents tank.

In the process of adding the diluents to Videojet Inkjet Printer, please watch the condition display on the screen. When the process is successfully finished, the screen will display normal for the diluents. Finally, please take down the empty bottle, and please confirm that the diluents inside the bottle are out, then lid the diluents filler cap.

The way for adding ink is the same with that of diluents. But when adding ink, as the flowing of the ink is invisible, so please wait about 1 to 2 minutes more for the running out of the ink. After the display of the screen showing the ink is normal, take down the empty ink bottle, and make sure there is no any drop of ink spraying out.

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