Solutions to FAQ of Linx 6900 Printer

1. How to solve problems of Linx 6900 Print Head and Linx Nozzle blockings?

Answer: The diameter for Linx Nozzle is very small, normally will be 50 to 75 micron; and during the coding process, the character is required to be dried in short time, so there could easily generate blockings of print head and nozzle.

Effective and double guaranteed solutions offered by Linx 6900 Printer:

(1) Full automatic intelligentize nozzle and Linx ink line system cleaning process. Before shutdown of the machine, the ink in the ink line system will be recovered to the cartridge, and then the solvent will clean the ink line system, spray cavity, nozzle in different degree according to the use of the Linx 6900 Printer so as to guarantee all these parts are clean after shutdown of the machine.

When Linx 6900 Printer is turning on again, it will automatically clean the nozzle firstly before normal operation of printing procedure.

(2) MK7 series of Linx Inkjet Printer adopt the nozzle sealing technology. When the machine is under the condition of no printing, a built-in solenoid valve will block the ink line system, which will also contribute to maintenance of a clean nozzle.

2. How long can the Linx 6900 Printers continuously work? When it is under excessive working time, how to well maintain?

Answer: Linx 6900 Printer belongs to industrial equipment which is designed for long time continuously working. The machine reaches the protection standard of IP55 and IP65 (according to different model) with stable and reliable function, 24 hours nonstop working is available.

The daily maintenance of Linx Printer is easy; it only needs simple cleaning of Linx Filters when the machine is working. To well guarantee the stable working of the machines, Linx 6900 Printer has a 2000 hours automatic prompt maintenance plan for the users.

3. Whether there is a bug display system?

Answer: There is a built-in automatic bug diagnosing procedure in Linx 6900 Printer, which can monitor the working condition of the machine in real time. When there is abnormal situation to the machine, there will directly show the code of the failure section and brief prompt information in the display screen, nearly no need of manual exmamination.

Moreover, Linx 6900 Printer even has log function to record the irregular working condition of the machine in real time, which can conveniently help the operators and engineers in better understanding and checking of failure reasons.

4. How to adjust Linx 6900 Printer when the character is not clear?

Answer: The printing effect of Linx Printer could be influenced by lots of external reasons, like ink quality, changing of in viscosity, installation place of print head, distance between print head and printed surface, shaking of product conveyor ,etc.

Normally, if you choose the consistent ink and solvent with the original brand of the 6900 Printer, properly install the print head in right place; you will get clear printing character. While for the changing viscosity of ink, Linx Printer adopts its original created TOF (Time of Flight) patented technology to get nice and stable printing effect even when the ink viscosity has a big change.

5. How to prevent the Linx 6900 Printer from code hopping?

Answer: According to the present printer producing technology, Linx Inkjet Printer is reliable in quality. Code hopping (miss coding or repeat coding) should not be the problem of the printer itself. Linx Printer carries out the order sent by signal from the product sensor, which we call "trigger signal". When the machine receive a good trigger signal, it will carry out a normal printing; if for a bad trigger signal, it might fail to print, which cause the phenomenon of code hopping.

Thus, to prevent this problem from happening, a stable and reliable quality sensor should be preferred firstly, then the proper installation location of the sensor should also be paid attention to, as well as the proper adjustment of the sensitivity.

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