Solutions to Unclear Printing Effect of Domino Printer

There are users frequently consulting us on why the printed character color is so light coming out from Domino Printer, and sometimes it is even hard to read it clearly. And why only the white ink printer might show light color of printed character?

Actually this problem is mainly determined by the ingredient and usage of white ink. White ink is used as printing on deep color surface, which requires the white ink should be contained by white color molecule to generate white character on the deep color surface. However, the molecule would bring two issues: it will be accumulated to be sediment, agglomeration; and it will be less and less as time goes by. The sediment and agglomeration, as well as the decrease of the molecule will obviously discount the white ink printing effect; and the less molecule it is, the lighter the printed character color will be.

Regarding to the color's turning lighter of the white ink character, Huax Tech offers the following suggestions:

1. Please don't turn off the Domino power supply, just make it under situation of standby or close-down, the Domino printer will termly start the ink pump to stir the ink, which could effectively reduce the phenomenon of ink sediment and agglomeration.

2. Please invite professional engineers to make full cleaning maintenance at least twice a year, and change the all of the Domino filters. The ink sediment in filters or ink line system is more serious, which could prevent the molecule from flowing forward, which will finally seriously affect the printing effect. What's more, the full cleaning maintenance will reduce the failure rate of the printer, and effectively extend the service life of the machine.

3. Please do not use cheap and bad quality CIJ printer consumables. The bad quality ink is easy to generate sediment to cause different layers, and this kind of sediment and layers irreversible. Bad quality ink is the main reason for instability working of Domino CIJ printer and apparent printing quality declining.

4. There is expiration date for ink, the period for white ink normally will be around half year.

Huax Tech suggest all the users buying white ink in more times but less quantity to guarantee the ink is available in expiration date. What's more, please change the main ink cartridge in time, while not just input the quality code or directly pour the new ink into it.

If you still can not solve the problem of unclear printing effect of Domino printer, please feel free to contact with us, our engineer will try to give you satisfied solutions.

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