How to judge Domino viscometer is damage

To make sure Domino Printer in normal working condition, suitable Domino viscosity is required to guarantee stable generation of ink drop. Domino Viscometer is used to test the viscosity of the ink and automatically adjust its viscosity value to make the CIJ Printer working stable.

If Domino viscometer is broken, the CIJ printer can still print for a period of time, but later it will perform abnormal printing, like half-baked character, etc. When facing these problems, please enter the service menu to check the viscosity (BFT present value), which will show "*****". But the display of "*****" does not definitely show it is problem of Domino viscometer, professional engineers are required for synthetical inspection and judgement.

How to change Domino viscometer?

Step 1: Cut off Domino Power Supply.

Step 2: Remove the damaged Domino viscometer from Domino CIJ printer interface board.

Step 3: Remove the ink tube connector to the viscometer. (Please carry out some protective measures, as there will be ink leaking out)

Step 4: Install the new Domino viscometer and well connect the ink tube.

Step 5: Connect Domino viscometer cable to the interface board.

Step 6: After serious checking on the installation, switch on the power supply, then open the machine and check whether the viscometer can test the viscosity value of the ink.

Attention: Above operation should be under certain anti-static precautions. Please also carry out necessary safety protection measures to prevent Domino ink from polluting the environment.

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