Domino AX Series Printer is Designed More on Practicality

According to years of products and application experience summary, Domino AX Series Printer engineers made complete adjustment and design on the new Domino Printer.

Ink Update Notice for Domino AX150i AX350i and AX550i Printer

Domino makes the announcement on ink update for AX150i, AX350i and AX550i models of inkjet printers.

Bad Printing Performance for Markem Imaje 9030 Printer

If the solutions still could not fix your Markem Imaje printers, please kindly contact with your Markem Imaje engineers or check with us.

Solutions to Charge Detecting Error for Markem Imaje Printer

Markem Imaje 9020 and 9030 printer are also warmly welcome in the market, so we might face lots of problems on their application.

Solutions for Normal Failures to Hitachi RX Printer

According to years' feedback from the Hitachi printer users, Hitachi RX printer normal has the following failures: 1. Hitachi RX printer's low charging capacity.

Reasons for No Printing for Linx Printer

Linx printer has no printing action might be caused by wrong settings of "printing location": In Linx printer menu, there is an option of "printing location" for print delay settings.

Solutions for Regular Failures of Domino Printer

There are four kinds of regulor failures for Domino Printer: Recycle Failure, High Voltage Failure, Charging Failure, Viscosity Failure, etc.

Why Gutter Tube Failure on Domino A100 Printer

What is Domino A100 gutter tube failure? The ink dots could only be printed to the products after automatically being processed by Domino A100 printer

How to adjust ink line of Domino A200 printer

Whether the position of Domino A200 printer ink line is correct will directly affect the printing effect.

How to judge Domino viscometer is damage

To make sure Domino Printer in normal working condition, suitable Domino Viscosity is required to guarantee stable generation of ink drop.