Why Gutter Tube Failure on Domino A100 Printer

1. What is Domino A100 gutter tube failure?

The ink dots could only be printed to the products after automatically being processed by Domino A100 printer, the ones which needn't be printed will be recycle to the main ink cartridge through gutter tube to be reused.

However, this process could bring about a problem: if all the ink dots are sprayed out of the gutter tube, they could not be recycled back to the main ink cartridge, then the ink will keep on wasting until reaching the lowest ink level, which will finally activate ink level alarm system to shut down the machine. This will be a big waste of ink, and also pollute the environment.

Actually when designing the Domino A100 printer, engineers have noticed this problem and given the solution. They added a sensor to the recycle system, that is Domino Sensor Tube STD Assembly, to detect whether the ink has been recycled. If the ink is not recycled, the alarming system will work to shut down the printer.

2. Case Analysis:

Huax Tech has ever got a feedback from a client with his Domino A100 printer displaying "Domino gutter tube failure". Our engineers firstly thought it was caused by inclined ink line spraying, so we thoroughly clean the Domino nozzle and print head, then the printer was normal temporarily. But 2 hours later, the gutter tube failure came back again. However, engineers did not find any inclined ink line situation, and the gutter tube's sucking power is normal.

Finally, our engineers judged it might be problem of the gutter sensor. After changing to new one, the printer is 100% back to normal again.

3. Conclusion:

Normally, if Domino A100 printer displays the gutter tube failure, it might be problem of inclined ink line, which make the gutter tube failure to recycle the ink dots; but there might also be problem of gutter tube blocking; only very few situation, there might be caused by problem of gutter sensor. We should treat them differently according to different reasons.

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