Bad Printing Performance for Markem Imaje 9030 Printer

1. Check whether the grounding contact is good and tight;
2. Check whether the Markem Imaje ink splitting location, ink drop shape is good;
3. Clean the Markem Imaje print head and print head cover to make sure there is no impediment during the ink drop deflection;
4. Check whether the Markem Imaje print head bracket is firm enough;
5. Check the distance between the print head and the printed objects;
6. Check whether the ink line is in the middle of the recycle slot;
7. Check whether the pressure reading is in normal range;
8. Check whether the printed object is clean in surface;
9. Check whether the Markem Imaje ink and solvent is out of validity date;
10. Contact with Markem Imaje Technician.
If above solutions still could not fix your Markem Imaje printers, please kindly contact with your Markem Imaje engineers or check with us.
You are welcome to contact us for enquiry for Markem Imaje spare parts and cooperation.
Notes: To learn more information about repair technology for Markem Imaje Printer, please feel free to contact with us.
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